Rock Shapes

Anthony garcellano rockshapes anthonygarcellano3
Anthony garcellano rockshapes anthonygarcellano2
Anthony garcellano rockshapes anthonygarcellano1
Anthony garcellano rockshapes basesculpts anthonygarcellano

This is for the Hitman 2 fan art scene I'm making.
I made one set, and wanted to make two more.
I sculpted the main shapes first in ZBrush, with the help of some of the JRO rock alpha tools, and texturing this in Substance Painter.
There might be a noticeable tileable material on it. There's a preset I'm using that I ended up using to have it lay on top of all of the rock shapes. Also added a slight noise on them.
I'm going more for the silhouette of these sets, so that I can rotate them around in the scene.