Indoor Courtyard (Old Work, 2013-2014)

Anthony garcellano indoorcourtyard 1 anthonygarcellano
Anthony garcellano indoorcourtyard 2 anthonygarcellano
Anthony garcellano indoorcourtyard 3 anthonygarcellano
Anthony garcellano anthony garcellano woodendoor anthonygarcellano e1425275878885
Anthony garcellano woodendoor sculpt anthonygarcellano e1456902948303
Anthony garcellano tricycle anthonygarcellano

This was my first environment scene done in Unreal Engine 4, back in 2014. I was getting a workflow down, using Substance Painter/Designer, ZBrush, and UE4. Mainly just wanted to add this on my ArtStation for record. This was based off of an image I found on a book about interior design.

I originally started off with the brick wall in late 2013, then the wooden door, and slowly went on to make the scene, wrapping it up around May 2014.