Dessert Splashes + Piñatas (Polished) | Fiesta Frenzy AR

Anthony garcellano fiestafrenzy splashes anthonygarcellano
Anthony garcellano fiestafrenzy splash animation anthonygarcellano
Anthony garcellano fiestafrenzy pinatas 01 anthonygarcellano
Anthony garcellano ingame images

These are paint-overs on some desserts for Fiesta Frenzy, an AR-game for kids, by Terra Reality. The ones in the game are much different than these. I refined them for the portfolio.

I was doing freelance work on the game, back in Fall of 2017. It was released the year after, on September 2018 (iPhone/iPad, and later Android).

Most of the assets I made were low-poly and some were from the Unity Asset Store. The dessert splashes was one of the tasks I enjoyed making. They were originally from the Unity Asset Store. I animated the models, and at the very end, switched it to a flat plane of the desserts squished towards the screen. I originally painted over the textures that were already there. The piñatas have a more simpler look in the game.