Dessert Splashes & Piñatas (Polished) | Fiesta Frenzy AR

Anthony garcellano fiestafrenzy splashes anthonygarcellano
Anthony garcellano fiestafrenzy splash animation anthonygarcellano
Anthony garcellano fiestafrenzy pinatas 01 anthonygarcellano
Anthony garcellano 1

In-Game Screengrab

Anthony garcellano 3

In-Game Screengrab

Anthony garcellano 2

In-Game Screengrab

These are paint-overs of pieces I've done for Terra Reality, on their Fiesta Frenzy AR game. I was doing freelance work with them around Fall of 2017. This was released on the iPhone/iPad in September 2018, then on the Android, on October 2018.

For the dessert splashes, they were originally from a Unity Asset pack that was given to me from the client. I painted over just the splashes for the client, but for the portfolio, I've painted over the textures for the models and everything around the dessert splashes. The dessert models in the beginning aren't from me, they're still from the pack. I just re-did the textures.

The pinatas were done from me. They're heavily optimized in the game, using different color palettes. I re-did the textures and changed the look of them.