Tileable Rock Wall Materials | Sculpt/Paint (2015)

Anthony garcellano tileablerockwall one anthonygarcellano
Anthony garcellano tileablerockwall two anthonygarcellano
Anthony garcellano tileableground texturesbreakdown anthonygarcellano
Anthony garcellano tileablerockwalls texturesbreakdown anthonygarcellano

These are from the Undertaker's Throne scene. Sculpted 10 rocks in ZBrush, and divided them to create 2 separate textures. Gave it a paint pass in grayscale on Photoshop, with bakes lightly added from Knald, and then added color passes to them in Photoshop. Similar with the ground, but mainly just on Photoshop. These were heavily inspired by one of Fanny Vergne’s (Faf) workflow on creating tileable textures through ZBrush and Photoshop.