Snow Level - Revised | Braverz (2019)

Braverz: Official Game Trailer

Braverz - Ep1 - Testing fighting mechanics

This is a map layout made for Evil Noob's Braverz.

This was originally a web game on that ended up getting released on Steam (All of their previous games are all on The web version was out briefly, during its Alpha stage, on December 2019, and was later released on Steam on January 2020. The web version is still playable, but not to the public anymore (it was originally going to be free to play). It's still viewable only to the developers and anyone part of their Braverz discord group.

I re-designed the layout for the home base and the enemy base. I also re-designed the pathways, but it was later polished and adjusted a bit by another developer from the team, Hansel Fernandez.

This was all done in Unity. I worked on the layout back in May 2019. Before that, I tested the game a bit, and still frequently check the game for updates, and for any additional bug-testing.