Earth Monster, Tlaltecuhtli | Sculpting Exercise
Earth Monster, Tlaltecuhtli | Sculpting Exercise

This is the Earth Monster, Tlaltecuhtli, from the Aztec period. This is my rendition of the stone creature, based off of the reference image from The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I took that photo, when I visited the museum on New Year's Eve, 2019.

I wanted to sculpt a piece on Zbrush, and thought this would be a fun exercise. I added more sharped edges around the creature, and changed the look of it, that's slightly different from the one from the museum.

The render was done using the Yebis/iray viewer in Substance Painter.

Side Story: I made the block out of this in early 2020, after the holidays, and put it aside for a while. I went back to finish this around April 2020 when I was living in Troy, NY for a short period of time. I got bored during the pandemic. I was just stuck working from home. I gave it a bit of a cartoony look, just to add some sort of personality.

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