Computer Kiosk | LawBreakers
Computer Kiosk | LawBreakers

This is the ONE asset I made for LawBreakers!

I worked as a freelancer remotely for Boss Key Productions on August 2016. I was in San Diego, CA at the time. I was assigned to work on a low-poly vehicle early-on, but was later scrapped, and then shifted over to this asset.

I've added some in-game screenshots of where they're placed. I modeled and textured the main kiosk for the Reactor Map. I was instructed to leave the computer screen and keyboard empty. The O.P.E. screens and keyboard were eventually added in the game, along with some texture adjustments.

(The game came out on August 2017, around the time I was at Hardsuit Labs. Two other devs who worked at Boss Key were also at Hardsuit Labs at the time.)

Side Story: I was a fan of LawBreakers before I did freelance work on the game, because many of the game developers and artists that I looked up to joined the team there on-site, or had a small contribution on the game remotely as a freelancer. I briefly met Cliff Bleszinski in the summer of 2015, when the team at Boss Key Productions was in Seattle, WA for PAX 2015, to showcase the LawBreakers demo to the general audience.
I literally just made one asset for the game the very next year. I tried and keep tabs on the game, for any previews and trailers, to check and see if that asset made it in the game.

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