Tony Hawk Pro-Skater 1+2 | School 1 - Miami, FL
Tony Hawk Pro-Skater 1+2 | School 1 - Miami, FL

I worked on all of the areas around the School map. It was a mix of setting up modular pieces around the map, working off of the updated level design blocked out, creating unique assets, material blending, textures, and polishing existing assets. The lighting was from Beenox. This was shared with the artists in the environment art team: Colin Rudd, Josh Evans, William Longworth, Chongguang Zhang, Sean Napolitano, and Aaron Trulson.

As far as the main ones I worked on in these images:
Green awning meshes
The banners hanging by the awning meshes.
Poles, along with the base under them
Foliage leaves (created them, and scattered some of them around these areas)
Decal pass: rocks, dirt, leaks, etc.
The planter box/base for the plants (where the brick, concrete, ground, grass material applied to them). I didn't work on the plants.
Some of the exterior buildings: placements, polish
Corner alley: wires/cables, set dressing in the corner.
Back alley: ground set dressing, some minor polish on the quarter pipes.
Pipes going up the set of garbage bins (I didn't work on the curved set of garbage bins)
Skybridge: interior and exterior
Placement on some of the gutters
Ramp going up the rooftop
Updated the textures on the notebook collectible
Some minor work on the rooftop: rails, polished some areas, wire placements
Pipe setup on the rooftop going down to the awning meshes
Basketball court: banners, wrestling mats, some polish on the pipes around the walls and some by the bleachers.

More artwork
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