Stylized P90 Sub-Machine Gun + TR-8R Z6 Baton (Fan Art) | Modeling Exercise

Anthony garcellano p90 submachinegun 01
Anthony garcellano p90 submachinegun 02
Anthony garcellano tr8r z6 baton fanart 01 anthonygarcellano
Anthony garcellano tr8r z6 baton fanart 02 anthonygarcellano

This was my first attempt making a P90 Sub-Machine Gun, but more stylized. I like the design of the gun, but didn't want to make the exact replica of it, since there are so many of them online. I went as far as getting the shape of it down. At some point, Started this around May 2017. I may refine this more, or make another P90 gun.

The last one is a fan art piece I did a while back, like around February 2016. At the time, I was practicing on modeling in Max more, and tried it out, working on the baton from Star Wars Episode VII.