This was a scene I made using several assets from the Unreal Marketplace. None of these are mine. I added the hill for the astronaut, rover, and the small service drone. The rocks were already added in a material layer for the landscape. Most of the cliff meshes in the background were from Quixel Megascans. The big rock/cliff meshes in the foreground are from a different kit. The damaged ship pieces were also from a different kit. I scattered them around a bit, and placed it far in the back to make it the main point of interest. I added a few big pot holes, as if meteorites fell right on the ship, or along with it as it crashed to the ground.

I based it off of this concept piece by Amante Lombardi

It was inspired by the Mars movie, with Matt Damon. I added a small service drone just to give the astronaut a companion.

More artwork
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