Vicarious Visions!

General / 17 September 2019

Alright, announcement time. In October, I'll be joining Vicarious Visions! Over at Albany, NY! as an Environment Artist!

Looking forward to working with the team there. Going to try something new for a change.

I'm going to miss Seattle, but who knows, I might come back here or in SoCal. This will be a one year contract. I'll see how this goes. I'm liking the idea either way, giving this a shot.

It's been an interesting journey just going through hoops finding the next gig. It was great working at Hardsuit Labs, for as long as I did, on Bloodlines 2, and being there when Paradox announced the game at GDC earlier this year.

After that ended, it's been a fun ride jumping on board with Evil Noob, an indie team down in Miami, Florida, just for the sake of working with a team down there. And, having a chance to work with Airborn Studios was awesome.

But, now it's onward and upward, especially all the way in Albany, NY!

[UE4 - WIP] Columbia Scene - (Based on Hitman 2)

Work In Progress / 14 September 2019

Going to try and wrap this up soon. I didn't get all of what I wanted, but for the most part, I wanted to dive on mainly creating foliage. The past few days has been boggling down on tests and some interviews. Something's locked down for sure, and I'll eventually have to pack up and get things moving. For now, I'll want to get most of this out the window before I move on to the next thing.

[UE4 - WIP] Columbia Scene - (Based on Hitman 2) - Trees

Work In Progress / 29 August 2019


Back on some more foliage pieces. Made some leaf clusters for the trees, and some hanging pod flowers by the leaves, using what I made, along with the tree bark material. Went for a 2nd pass on the plants and flowers I made a while back. The vines, I'll work on those later. 

I made some of the stems for the plants a bit thicker, just because they'll be fairly small. I'll most likely use of couple of those to break some of the space of just seeing so much green around the scene. Going to make a few more trees to replace what I added a while back.

[UE4 - WIP] Columbia Scene - (Based on Hitman 2) - Foliage

Work In Progress / 14 August 2019


Here's an update on the leaves. I've been trying out ways making some of the flowers and plants in SpeedTree. I'm still trying to wrap my head about the flowers, and making the back side of it. So far, I'm planning to make a couple of these, that'll be around the grass, to avoid just having a green grass look around the scene.

I initially was using a bunch of materials and textures from MegaScans and GameTextures, but decided to go back and make the foliage from scratch. They'll be fairly small, but for the most part, I just wanted to make them, for the sake of the portfolio piece. I didn't want to just fill up the majority of the scene with assets that aren't mine. Aside from the foliage cards, I'll probably go back and make a moss material that's covering the rocks, that's probably the only other material that's not mine (it was from Substance Source). The paint passes were done in ZBrush. I went the route of just using the Polypaint tool.

[UE4 - WIP] Columbia Scene - (Based on Hitman 2) - Grass

Work In Progress / 30 July 2019

Small update on this scene. I'm in the phase of adding some grass. Using that LandscapeGrassOutput node in UE4.

It's basing it off of the grass material, of the 3 blends. I have 3 variations of grass, and 2 variations of the fern plants/clusters. This might all be overkill, but I'm just testing this out. I played through the Hitman 2 game again, and noticed that they have a ton of plants around for the player to use, to hide from the AI. I'm trying to find a fine line in between.

Just a while ago, I was debating on whether or not I should create the foliage plants on my own, or use what exists online. I'm using some materials from MegaScans and GameTextures, and am editing them out in SpeedTree. I have some plants that I grabbed off of from the SpeedTree store, that I plan on using, either working off of the graph nodes, or making some from scratch, and switching the textures completely. 

I most likely will replace what I did, and recreate them, without heavily using the asset packs. I tested out making some grass, from scratch. I plan on refining this for the scene.


[UE4 - WIP] Columbia Scene - (Based on Hitman 2) - Layout

Work In Progress / 22 July 2019

I posted this around just a while ago, on Twitter and Instagram. Just thought I'd leave a post here, to keep track on where I am now, on this scene.

Haven't been on this for quite a while. Made a texture pass on the stairs and the arch piece in the back. I might start on the trees and plants next. I've been holding off on that.

Been debating on how I would approach this. I have some packs I grabbed off of the SpeedTree store..

I'll most likely give it a shot, making some leaves and foliage, based on the tree packs I grabbed from the store.

[UE4 - WIP] Columbia Scene - (Based on Hitman 2) - Trees

Work In Progress / 03 July 2019

It's been a while since I posted on here, but I didn't want to forget this scene. I put this whole scene on hold, since my last post. Worked on a few art tests, and got into some substance materials a while back. I ended up working with a small indie team, Evil Noob, in late May, on a quick re-design on a map, for their next small browser game. I helped them out before, bug-testing their previous games, War Scrap and Dead Walk. When they asked for help on 3D, or if I knew any artists to help out on redesigning a map, I just joined it to give it a shot.

After that, I joined Airborn Studios! But! There was a catch. I was on a one-month trial period, to see if I'd be a good fit. The work was fun, I loved it :) But after the trial, they decided not to continue the gig for me :( Not in a bad way. The team was fun to work with, even though it was a brief period of time. I learned some new kinks that might actually come in handy for the jungle scene I had on hold. With that, I'm going to be back on the hunt, but if anything, I'm happy to have had the chance to work with those guys.

Now, on this scene, I felt like I was procrastinating trying to learn more about foliage. This was a slow process, but I've been slowly wrapping my head around Speed Tree. I'll eventually make a set of trees to add in the scene, grass, and a few plants. I don't know exactly what approach I'll take, either working off of an existing jungle tree and refining it, or making some from scratch. This is a new process for me, and I'll try and sink more time onto this.

For now, just thought I'd give an update on where I'm at, and where this scene is going.

[UE4 - WIP] Columbia Scene - (Based on Hitman 2) - Temp Meshes/Placement

Work In Progress / 10 April 2019

The trees & foliage meshes are from the UE4 Marketplace. Wanted to get a better feel on what it'll look like. I'll eventually replace them. Placed a chunk of rocks & cliffs around the scene. Water's temp for now. Blended the mud/grass materials. For the rocks, I plan on making some more to break the shapes. So far, I have mainly 3, w/ one being a big chunk. I may want to blend them with moss. Vines, trees, and more plants are definitely on the my bucket list. Most likely will work on the greybox meshes next.


[UE4 - WIP] Columbia Scene - (Based on Hitman 2) - Rock Sculpts

General / 07 April 2019

Made some rock sculpts, chunked together. I'm planning on rotating them around. These are about 2m tall.
For now, I just made one set, and I might make another one. I may add in smaller rock pieces later, but I plan on making bigger chunks, using mainly tileable materials.

I'm open for critique, this one's still a WIP. I sculpted the bigger shapes, baked them down and textured them in Substance Painter. I went through some iterations with these. Ended up wanting to have sharper edges on these, but I'm not quite sure if they're too sharp or if it looks stylized in a way.

Aside from these, the ground meshes work for the material blends, and for now, I'll be focusing on the rocks and cliffs, and then most likely foliage pieces next.

[UE4 - WIP] Columbia Scene - (Based on Hitman 2) - Mud Ground Materials

General / 17 February 2019

Here's another update on the material. Placed them on material balls. I'm open for critiques on these. I'll eventually add them in the scene. The next thing I'll be working on are the ground meshes for these.