[UE4 - WIP] Columbia Scene - (Based on Hitman 2) - Layout

Work In Progress / 22 July 2019

I posted this around just a while ago, on Twitter and Instagram. Just thought I'd leave a post here, to keep track on where I am now, on this scene.

Haven't been on this for quite a while. Made a texture pass on the stairs and the arch piece in the back. I might start on the trees and plants next. I've been holding off on that.

Been debating on how I would approach this. I have some packs I grabbed off of the SpeedTree store..

I'll most likely give it a shot, making some leaves and foliage, based on the tree packs I grabbed from the store.

[UE4 - WIP] Columbia Scene - (Based on Hitman 2) - Trees

Work In Progress / 03 July 2019

It's been a while since I posted on here, but I didn't want to forget this scene. I put this whole scene on hold, since my last post. Worked on a few art tests, and got into some substance materials a while back. I ended up working with a small indie team, Evil Noob, in late May, on a quick re-design on a map, for their next small browser game. I helped them out before, bug-testing their previous games, War Scrap and Dead Walk. When they asked for help on 3D, or if I knew any artists to help out on redesigning a map, I just joined it to give it a shot.

After that, I joined Airborn Studios! But! There was a catch. I was on a one-month trial period, to see if I'd be a good fit. The work was fun, I loved it :) But after the trial, they decided not to continue the gig for me :( Not in a bad way. The team was fun to work with, even though it was a brief period of time. I learned some new kinks that might actually come in handy for the jungle scene I had on hold. With that, I'm going to be back on the hunt, but if anything, I'm happy to have had the chance to work with those guys.

Now, on this scene, I felt like I was procrastinating trying to learn more about foliage. This was a slow process, but I've been slowly wrapping my head around Speed Tree. I'll eventually make a set of trees to add in the scene, grass, and a few plants. I don't know exactly what approach I'll take, either working off of an existing jungle tree and refining it, or making some from scratch. This is a new process for me, and I'll try and sink more time onto this.

For now, just thought I'd give an update on where I'm at, and where this scene is going.

[UE4 - WIP] Columbia Scene - (Based on Hitman 2) - Temp Meshes/Placement

Work In Progress / 10 April 2019

The trees & foliage meshes are from the UE4 Marketplace. Wanted to get a better feel on what it'll look like. I'll eventually replace them. Placed a chunk of rocks & cliffs around the scene. Water's temp for now. Blended the mud/grass materials. For the rocks, I plan on making some more to break the shapes. So far, I have mainly 3, w/ one being a big chunk. I may want to blend them with moss. Vines, trees, and more plants are definitely on the my bucket list. Most likely will work on the greybox meshes next.


[UE4 - WIP] Columbia Scene - (Based on Hitman 2) - Rock Sculpts

General / 07 April 2019

Made some rock sculpts, chunked together. I'm planning on rotating them around. These are about 2m tall.
For now, I just made one set, and I might make another one. I may add in smaller rock pieces later, but I plan on making bigger chunks, using mainly tileable materials.

I'm open for critique, this one's still a WIP. I sculpted the bigger shapes, baked them down and textured them in Substance Painter. I went through some iterations with these. Ended up wanting to have sharper edges on these, but I'm not quite sure if they're too sharp or if it looks stylized in a way.

Aside from these, the ground meshes work for the material blends, and for now, I'll be focusing on the rocks and cliffs, and then most likely foliage pieces next.

[UE4 - WIP] Columbia Scene - (Based on Hitman 2) - Mud Ground Materials

General / 17 February 2019

Here's another update on the material. Placed them on material balls. I'm open for critiques on these. I'll eventually add them in the scene. The next thing I'll be working on are the ground meshes for these.

[UE4 - WIP] Columbia Scene - (Based on Hitman 2) - Mud Ground Material (WIP 3)

Work In Progress / 04 February 2019

In between all the stuff's that's been going on, work and non-work related stuff, I've been making these for the Columbia scene. Some slow pickings. These will be for the ground in the scene, to blend. I was aiming for a mud base material, mud + grass, and grass. The grass might be over-kill, as far as the height, so I'll adjust that a bit.

I hung out with some indie devs earlier today to try and focus on the albedo/roughness for the first material, before bolting out for the Superbowl. I haven't placed all of them in the scene yet. Just thought I'd post a WIP for the sake of posting a WIP. I'll get back on this whenever I'll squeeze in the time.

[UE4 - WIP] Columbia Scene - (Based on Hitman 2) - Mud Ground Material (WIP 2)

Work In Progress / 27 January 2019

Mud ground WIP, part deux. Might make another variation with the mud ground.

Mud (slightly different form) + grass
Grass + some mud  

I'll eventually play around with these, blending the materials in the scene. Still refining this one, but don't want to get too stuck on it.

[UE4 - WIP] Columbia Scene - (Based on Hitman 2) - Mud Ground Material (WIP)

Work In Progress / 26 January 2019

I went through the mud ground material I made before, from the mentorship w/ Josh Lynch, & just went over a bit of Daniel Thiger's mud ground tutorial, just to try out different workflows for this material. Not sure if I'll use everything I watched through Thiger's tutorial, but probably will use some practices that I've never done before.

It's still a wip. I don't want to make a replica of what Thiger made on his tutorial, so I most likely will change it up.

I'm planning to split this up, compared to the game. I'll be making the mud ground material first, then the shoe prints, tire tracks, puddles, and a few others after.

[UE4 - WIP] Columbia Scene - (Based on Hitman 2) - Quick BlockOut

Work In Progress / 22 January 2019

Here's a quick block out on just the thought process I have for this.
I was just adding a bunch of boxes around on what I was thinking it would look like, just from the first image, and then built around it (which probably isn't as necessary). I plan on re-using assets that I would make to fill in the areas around the main spot. Just for the sake of paths and what leads to where, I've added point lights on areas where it'll almost serve as an exit or entrance to somewhere else (these will eventually be replaced).

As far as what I'll be making next, I most likely will give the ground and water a first pass, with some temporary meshes along the way, like some rock-type meshes and a bridge mesh.

[UE4 - WIP] Columbia Scene - (Based on Hitman 2)

Work In Progress / 20 January 2019

Alright, so I've decided to make a thread on a scene that caught my interest. This is a concept art piece by Carlos NCT for the Hitman 2 game: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/8lbWPm (This is for the Columbia map in the game) *Posted this on Polycount, too. Might just cross post in between.

I only played Hitman (2016) and not the sequel (I might, though, it's tempting). This scene will get me at least to focus on  foliage and on areas that I normally don't focus on. I'll be dissecting the concept, and will move forward from there, with the block out phase.

I've added a few other concepts on my reference board that were also part of the Columbia map.

Here are some references from Columbia that I grabbed off of online. Most of them were from the Lost City (Ciudad Perdida), the Darién Gap (swampland by Panama & Columbia), La Ciudad Perdida - Santa Marta, and any jungle or swamp images I could find that's in or nearby Columbia.

The reference board, as far as the art quality I'm aiming for, is inspired by Tim Simpson (Pixelmasher), from his ArtStation Challenge video blogs. For the art quality, early on, I was going to dig up images from games like For Honor and Tomb Raider, but just came across more images from the Columbia map, from the game.

These were from Elite 3D, IO Interactive, and Sumo Digital.
https://www.artstation.com/artwork/rRJG4L (Mary-Sue Challinor)
https://www.artstation.com/artwork/58vnk8 (Álvaro Carreras)
https://www.artstation.com/artwork/KaRVNr (I may go over this article, too, from 80lvl and Álvaro Carreras)
Going to go bit-by-bit and this, and hopefully won't get too overwhelmed :smile: