[UE4 - WIP] Columbia Scene - (Based on Hitman 2) - Grass

Work In Progress / 30 July 2019

Small update on this scene. I'm in the phase of adding some grass. Using that LandscapeGrassOutput node in UE4.

It's basing it off of the grass material, of the 3 blends. I have 3 variations of grass, and 2 variations of the fern plants/clusters. This might all be overkill, but I'm just testing this out. I played through the Hitman 2 game again, and noticed that they have a ton of plants around for the player to use, to hide from the AI. I'm trying to find a fine line in between.

Just a while ago, I was debating on whether or not I should create the foliage plants on my own, or use what exists online. I'm using some materials from MegaScans and GameTextures, and am editing them out in SpeedTree. I have some plants that I grabbed off of from the SpeedTree store, that I plan on using, either working off of the graph nodes, or making some from scratch, and switching the textures completely. 

I most likely will replace what I did, and recreate them, without heavily using the asset packs. I tested out making some grass, from scratch. I plan on refining this for the scene.