Mars - WIP shot

Work In Progress / 08 November 2021

So, this is what I've been working on lately, in UE5. None of these assets are mine. All of these are from the market place; the rover, astronaut, small sphere drone, the cliffs, particle effects, etc. I wanted to make a scene based on Mars, and I came across this piece by Amante Lombardi

I made a very quick sketch on the idea that I had in mind. Right now, it's just missing something on the far right area. I'm still planning to adjust a few spots on the cliffs. I added a hill for the shot, but that was mainly it. The material layers for the rocks, sand, and cracks were already built. I moved a couple of the particle effects closer to the camera. Also used the nanite feature, just to see how far I can go adding many cliff meshes. I already went over the texture streaming budget :), so I turned it off. Definitely went overboard.

This is the first scene where none of the assets in the scene are mine. Just literally using what's in the marketplace.

As I was making this, I was leaning more towards a shot inspired by The Martian movie, with Matt Damon. I wanted to add a small drone, but tried to make it fit, floating by the astronaut, but because of the helmet, it didn't seem right seeing two round shapes next to each other. I went with a ball that could roll nearby the astronaut, almost like the BB-8 droid in the Star Wars series. As far as what the astronaut's looking at, I'm aiming to not make it too fictional, but almost realistic in some way. This is still a work-in-progress.