Credited on a few past projects

General / 20 November 2021

I'll be starting a new job soon, and I thought I'd look back on a few of the past projects I was credited on, not as an Environment Artist. I know I've posted a couple of these in the past on social media. That or a couple of my coworkers back then tagged us when they saw our names on the credits. This is just for record sake.

Man of Steel (2013) - At Legend 3D in Carlsbad, CA, we worked on the stereo conversion of the film. I've worked on several movies at Legend 3D, for almost 4 years, and this one was the only major feature film that I was credited on. After working on this, this eventually led me to leaving months after. I'm a huge DC Comics fan, so of all movies to be credited on, I was happy to see that it was this one.

Top Gun 3D re-release (2013) - At Legend 3D, we actually worked on this in 2011, after three massive layoffs at the company. It was a rough time, during that period, but the company eventually grew about a year after we started working on this. It went from working on this, to The Amazing Spiderman 1 (with Andrew Garfield), and then the projects got better from there. This was in selected theaters for a few days, but then went straight to Blu-Ray 3D right after. I was happy to see my name on the credits, but Man of Steel did it for me.

ModNation Racers PSP (2010) - Right under Art Support. The credits roll quick on this game. This was fun to work on. If things were different back then, I wouldn't have mind staying at Sony in San Diego, in the art department. But, after the internship, this lead me to trying out other avenues, to see what was out there.

MLB 2010: The Show (2010) - After my internship at Sony, I joined the QA department. I probably shouldn't have done that, but wanted to stay at Sony. They couldn't bring me on board after my internship. I did this for about 9-10 months, before joining Legend 3D. It was on this from January to February 2010, and then after that, joined the Online Support team, moderating online games. This was neat, just to my name on it.

Headliner: NoviNews (2018) - It released on PC in 2018, and then on the PS4/Switch in 2019. I helped out just for about 2 weeks, testing the press build of the game, before it got reviewed. It's an indie game by Unbound Creations. I met the main developer, Jakub Kasztalski, years ago in Seattle, WA. This was voluntary. It's a neat game. I was more excited when I saw that physical copies of the game released on the Switch. It was through Chorus Worldwide, a Japanese Publisher. The physical copy's in Japanese, but there's an option to change it in English.