MeetMat2 3D Print, Stratasys

General / 08 September 2021

These photos were taken 2 months ago. Stratasys, a 3D printing company, reached out to me to print my MeetMat2 - Eggs Benedict material/character. They printed a few other MeetMat2 models from other artists.
I've never done any 3D prints at all, so it was neat just to see how this turned out.
I held off on posting these right away, when they came in. The company's fine with artists showing their MeetMat2 3D prints.
The MeetMat2 contest took place around early 2020. I textured and submitted my entry over the weekend, on Super Bowl weekend. It flew by so quick. I was at the office at Vicarious Visions, on both Saturday and Sunday, getting this wrapped up and submitted. I didn't really care if it won the contest, I just wanted to participate, and hopefully have this part of a MeetMat2 book, if Allegorithmic or Adobe ever decide to make one.