New job: inXile Entertainment, an Xbox Game Studio

General / 04 January 2022

Happy New Year! Time for me to announce where I'm working at now. Just wrapped up my first day at inXile entertainment! They're an Xbox Game Studio that recently made Wasteland 3! Based in Tustin, CA and New Orleans, LA (+remote)

It's a new avenue for me to dive into, and I'm liking it!

I do like turn-based strategy games, like Gears Tactics, BattleTech, Mutant Year Zero, etc. Wasteland 3 was fun, Wasteland 2 was long but fun with cRPG elements in it that I had to use a guide for help. Wasteland 1 Remastered was brutal! I needed a walkthrough, but I enjoyed going through it.

They're one of the three Xbox Games Studios in Southern CA; inXile, Obsidian, and The Initiative. They have a good track record of titles and they've been picking up with more interesting ideas with the Battle of Steeltown and the Cult of the Holy Detonation for Wasteland 3.