New job: inXile Entertainment, an Xbox Game Studio

General / 04 January 2022

Happy New Year! Time for me to announce where I'm working at now. Just wrapped up my first day at inXile entertainment! They're an Xbox Game Studio that recently made Wasteland 3! Based in Tustin, CA and New Orleans, LA (+remote)

It's a new avenue for me to dive into, and I'm liking it!

I do like turn-based strategy games, like Gears Tactics, BattleTech, Mutant Year Zero, etc. Wasteland 3 was fun, Wasteland 2 was long but fun with cRPG elements in it that I had to use a guide for help. Wasteland 1 Remastered was brutal! I needed a walkthrough, but I enjoyed going through it.

They're one of the three Xbox Games Studios in Southern CA; inXile, Obsidian, and The Initiative. They have a good track record of titles and they've been picking up with more interesting ideas with the Battle of Steeltown and the Cult of the Holy Detonation for Wasteland 3.

Credited on a few past projects

General / 20 November 2021

I'll be starting a new job soon, and I thought I'd look back on a few of the past projects I was credited on, not as an Environment Artist. I know I've posted a couple of these in the past on social media. That or a couple of my coworkers back then tagged us when they saw our names on the credits. This is just for record sake.

Man of Steel (2013) - At Legend 3D in Carlsbad, CA, we worked on the stereo conversion of the film. I've worked on several movies at Legend 3D, for almost 4 years, and this one was the only major feature film that I was credited on. After working on this, this eventually led me to leaving months after. I'm a huge DC Comics fan, so of all movies to be credited on, I was happy to see that it was this one.

Top Gun 3D re-release (2013) - At Legend 3D, we actually worked on this in 2011, after three massive layoffs at the company. It was a rough time, during that period, but the company eventually grew about a year after we started working on this. It went from working on this, to The Amazing Spiderman 1 (with Andrew Garfield), and then the projects got better from there. This was in selected theaters for a few days, but then went straight to Blu-Ray 3D right after. I was happy to see my name on the credits, but Man of Steel did it for me.

ModNation Racers PSP (2010) - Right under Art Support. The credits roll quickly on this game. This was fun to work on. If things were different back then, I wouldn't have minded staying at Sony in San Diego, in the art department. But, after the internship, this lead me to try out other avenues, to see what was out there.

MLB 2010: The Show (2010) - After my internship at Sony, I joined the QA department. I probably shouldn't have done that, but wanted to stay at Sony. They couldn't bring me on board after my internship. I did this for about 9-10 months, before joining Legend 3D. It was on this from January to February 2010, and then after that, joined the Online Support team, moderating online games. This was neat, just to my name on it.

Headliner: NoviNews (2018) - It was released on PC in 2018, and then on the PS4/Switch in 2019. I helped out just for about 2 weeks, testing the press build of the game, before it got reviewed. It's an indie game by Unbound Creations. I met the main developer, Jakub Kasztalski, years ago in Seattle, WA. This was voluntary. It's a neat game. I was more excited when I saw the physical copies of the game released on the Switch. It was through Chorus Worldwide, a Japanese Publisher. The physical copy's in Japanese, but there's an option to change it in English.

I thought I'd also add Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, in case anyone was curious. My name's not on the credits. They just listed Vicarious Visions and Toys For Bob under Special Thanks. Some of the devs at Vicarious Visions worked on Black Ops Cold, and a few others worked on Warzone, mainly for the '84 Verdansk map that's in the same time period as Black Ops Cold War. I'm not really sure if the Warzone game itself has a credits section. Last I checked, they didn't have one. I only made 5 materials for the '84 Verdansk map, that I don't think were added in the game (which is fine). The art team that worked on THPS1+2 had about a month to playtest the seasonal builds for Warzone, before working on it. We all made a few materials. I spent just about 2 weeks, or under, on those materials before my contract ended and joined GameSim right after. The rest of the team continued working on the '84 Verdansk map after I left.

I'm glad that we at least touched a Call of Duty game. Activision makes a CoD game almost every year, but now with Warzone, there'll always be more content, or just anything related to Call of Duty, every year. Vicarious Visions worked on a few CoD games before this one; One was Infinite Warfare, and I want to say the other was a potential CoD game that got canceled back in 2008-2010. VV eventually merged with Blizzard not long after my contract ended with them. If they didn't, they'd probably continue working on Warzone, similar to what Toys For Bob ended up doing after Crash Bandicoot 4 came out (a month after THPS1+2).

Mars - WIP shot

Work In Progress / 08 November 2021

So, this is what I've been working on lately, in UE5. None of these assets are mine. All of these are from the market place; the rover, astronaut, small sphere drone, the cliffs, particle effects, etc. I wanted to make a scene based on Mars, and I came across this piece by Amante Lombardi

I made a very quick sketch on the idea that I had in mind. Right now, it's just missing something on the far right area. I'm still planning to adjust a few spots on the cliffs. I added a hill for the shot, but that was mainly it. The material layers for the rocks, sand, and cracks were already built. I moved a couple of the particle effects closer to the camera. Also used the nanite feature, just to see how far I can go adding many cliff meshes. I already went over the texture streaming budget :), so I turned it off. Definitely went overboard.

This is the first scene where none of the assets in the scene are mine. Just literally using what's in the marketplace.

As I was making this, I was leaning more towards a shot inspired by The Martian movie, with Matt Damon. I wanted to add a small drone, but tried to make it fit, floating by the astronaut, but because of the helmet, it didn't seem right seeing two round shapes next to each other. I went with a ball that could roll nearby the astronaut, almost like the BB-8 droid in the Star Wars series. As far as what the astronaut's looking at, I'm aiming to not make it too fictional, but almost realistic in some way. This is still a work-in-progress.

Hallway Scene Test - 2001 Space Oddysey

General / 18 October 2021

This was just a test, using one of the materials I made for It was based off of this room or scene in the 2001 Space Oddysey movie. I wanted to make a room similar to this, using just modular pieces, just to see what it would look like. This game me some time to get familiar with UE5. There's still a lot for me to learn in the engine.

MeetMat2 3D Print, Stratasys

General / 08 September 2021

These photos were taken 2 months ago. Stratasys, a 3D printing company, reached out to me to print my MeetMat2 - Eggs Benedict material/character. They printed a few other MeetMat2 models from other artists.
I've never done any 3D prints at all, so it was neat just to see how this turned out.
I held off on posting these right away, when they came in. The company's fine with artists showing their MeetMat2 3D prints.
The MeetMat2 contest took place around early 2020. I textured and submitted my entry over the weekend, on Super Bowl weekend. It flew by so quick. I was at the office at Vicarious Visions, on both Saturday and Sunday, getting this wrapped up and submitted. I didn't really care if it won the contest, I just wanted to participate, and hopefully have this part of a MeetMat2 book, if Allegorithmic or Adobe ever decide to make one.

GameSim/Keywords Studios, GameTextures, etc.

General / 29 June 2021

I haven't posted on here since I made my sci-fi panels. This is not much of an art blog, but more of where I am in my career. I've been working with GameSim, a Keywords Studio in Orlando, FL. I did actually move to Orlando, FL, but temporarily. I joined right after my contract ended at Vicarious Visions in Albany, NY. With many game developers working from home because of the pandemic, this has become the norm. But, I wanted to visit Orlando, and experience what it was like there, so I packed lightly for this move and was there from February 2021 to May 2021. I was able to meet some of the members in my team, but not the whole company.

GameSim started out as a government contractor in Orlando, FL, working on military training simulations, then started working with a few game studios, mainly EA Tiburon in the area. The company got acquired by Keywords Studios four years ago. The company's focus now is more catered towards games. There's so much going on under the hood at GameSim. I'm already 10 months ago, and am enjoying my time working with them.

I actually had an interview at another Keywords Studio, Lakshya Digital in Redmond, WA, for an Outsource Environment Artist role, but didn't get the job. That was 2 years ago in early 2019. It almost comes full circle, but for this case, I'm a contractor working with them.

Also, I just wrapped up making a set of materials for I started around early January and just finished my last one a few days ago. I was working on them on the side, in between my trip in Orlando, FL. I'll post more of them soon, once GameTextures publishes them.

These past 2 years has been interesting, since I got let go at Hardsuit Labs on Bloodlines 2, to working with Airborn Studios, an art outsource company, Vicarious Visions/Activision in NY, and now GameSim.

Separate from all of this, I just wanted to add this here. I was there at GDC2019 when Paradox announced this game. It's been delayed three times now and there's been so many fires and devs leaving the project. Just a few months ago, Paradox removed Hardsuit Labs on this project, and will be giving it another studio to finish it. One side of me wants to throw more of my opinion about what just happened, because it was HSL's pitch to make this game, but I'm all behind Paradox. Better than having this game cancelled. They spent so much time marketing this game, it'd be a waste to just cancel it.


This all screams Activision. My contract at Vicarious Visions ended months before they merged under Blizzard. Before the merge, we got a chance to work on Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3. I only worked on a few materials for the game, that I don't think made it in the game.

But, right after getting let go (fired) at Hardsuit Labs in March 2019, it went from that to this. I can't even complain.

And to add, on my way to Albany, NY, and while I was there, I had thoughts of visiting Florida, or checking out a studio down there. Now, being with GameSim/Keywords Studios, that pretty much covers my story starting in San Diego, CA, going up to Seattle, WA, then to Albany, NY out of the blue, and to Orlando, FL just to try it out. I did fly back to Seattle right when I started working with GameSim, but ended up staying in Orlando for 3 months, and spent about a week outside of the city to visit Key West and Miami.

The AAA bug just all came about in just one year or so with Activision. I'm now back in the Seattle area, with no real rush to jump to another studio. I plan on going through some of the new features on Substance Designer and Painter, and will eventually check out Unreal Engine 5 at some point.

Sci-Fi Floor Panels WIP 3

General / 29 August 2020

Another update on these panels. I'm tempted to want to make a few more, to make a corridor. Not sure yet.

Sci-Fi Floor Panels WIP 2

General / 29 August 2020

Another update on the sci-fi panels. Because of time-sake, I'll just focus on this. I had a small scene in mind, but I'll just scrap it. I've never really done much sci-fi panels. This has been challenging just trying to have it make sense in a way. Going to add a few bolts (I know I'm missing a few), and then will try and add some color to it.

Sci-Fi Floor Panels WIP

General / 28 August 2020

Working on some sci-fi floor panels. I'm not fully behind what I just made, but I'll keep the pattern design. 


General / 03 October 2019

I thought I'd join in #Blocktober, before I move out to Albany, NY. Here's my first attempt. I was aiming for something similar to the Gang Beasts game. I don't know if this thing goes on everyday or whenever, but I might try something totally different next time around.

This was based on The Shop on The Messenger game. I'm not entirely sure if this even counts as a blockout.

The 3rd one was based off of This is the Police 2.